Kick Sample

Kick sample

Dr Ben Rushbrook and volunteer Josh Nightingale conducted the monthly riverfly survey at the mini-stream. The ‘kick sample’ involved Ben walking upstream through the shallow fast flowing water, using his foot to kick and roll the pebbles on the streambed, whilst dragging a net behind him to capture the bugs (and fish), disturbed by his kicking. The three-minute walk was timed by Josh, Ben taking samples every thirty-seconds, and occasionally stopping to remove large rocks from the net. The sample was poured into a dish and the process of identifying the collected creatures began. The survey helps to assess the health of the river and highlight any changes in water quality.

Recordings were made above and below the surface of the river: The first recording above water records Ben walking up stream, with the tumultuous rolling of water fading into the distance as he moves past the microphone. The hydrophone picked up the thundering footfall of Bens kick, and the audio collisions of debris, as he passed by me up stream.

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