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Remembering movement: time and place thickened

Autumn walk: sharp oblongs of reverberation As summer begins to amble through spring, the remaining sonic perambulations of autumn and winter within the moors are completed. The recordings from which autumn is composed are now over a year old: the … Continue reading

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A field of summer: ghosts of sounds now no longer here

sound walk through summer (edit): sounds now no longer here sound walk through summer (edit): the teeth of a grass cutter hover over summer’s path The sound walk through summer in the moors is now complete. Opening with dawn of … Continue reading

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Walking spring over summer and winter beneath winter

Spring soundwalk: enterance into dawn Spring soundwalk: finale and pagoda adagio The first sound walk is now complete and will take the listener upon a twenty-five minute circumnavigation through spring in Winnall Moors. Re-composed from recordings made through two springs … Continue reading

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Walk out to winter: a puddle and a plastic bottle

Christmas Day 2011: A plastic bottle in a river Christmas Day 2010: the cackle of reeds with occasional crow Christmas Day 2011: a┬áChristmas puddle Up at 4:30 to walk into winter and Christmas Day on winnall moors. Last year, I … Continue reading

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a river runs through here: the pluck of air and fret of hydrophones

As part of the Winchester Arts Festival, 10 Days Across the City, I composed a cycle of three soundscapes for the auditorium of the Theatre Royal, Winchester. The cycle included a twenty-minute sound walk through a year of Winnall Moors … Continue reading

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River Sculpture: the gait of tractors and texture of shovels

In autumn, up in the north of the moors, I met Martin De Retuerto (Winnall Moors Project Manager) for a bit of ecological river sculpture. Over the past 400 years the chalk streams that flow through the moors have been … Continue reading

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Three from underneath: rough tongues and a pond shanty

In April of last year the dipping pond turned black with the seasonal arrival of tadpoles. The water was transformed into a dark vibrating jelly: a primordial tadpole soup. I had sunk my hydrophone into this broth of possible toads … Continue reading

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